Visual Alarm Devices (VADs)

Wall vad

To provide indication of an alarm condition to those who would not be alerted to an audible-only device.

Ceiling VAD

Available in red and white flash options, the VXB VADs are approved to EN54-23 at a 1Hz flash rate.  

Wall Sounder/VAD

Available as an audio-visual combination device, approved to EN54-3 & EN54-23.

Ceiling Sounder/VAD

Both functions are fully synchronised and can operate as a beacon only.

Signal Beacons

Signal beacons

A visual indicating device designed for maximum all-round visibility, utilising an array of energy-efficient LEDs.


A combined audio-visual device with low power consumption. Sounder function is approved to EN54-3.

Detector Base Sounder/Beacon

Designed to accept most leading detector bases, the VSL sounder/beacon offers a cost effective installation.

Marine approved Sounder/BeaconS

For marine applications, products have undergone additional EMC, vibration and salt mist testing.


Open Area Sounders

The VTG spatial sounder is an EN54-3 approved sounder with 32 tones and 8.3mA current consumption in low power mode.

Voice Sounders

Based on the VTG sounder, the VocAlarm voice enhanced sounder can deliver 32 custom speech messages via a Micro SD card.

Detector Base Sounder

Designed to accept most leading detector bases, the VSO base is a cost effective and low profile sounder solution.

Marine Approved Sounders

Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved sounders supplied with two marine specific tones.

Fire Door Retainers


Patented permanent magnet technology allows fire door retainers to be loop powered and not require batteries. Significant savings possible as no power supply, separate I/O or additional cabling is required for install.

wall or floor mounted

Door retainers allow fire doors to be held open in high traffic areas. Often where there is a desire for ventilation and minimal contact points or a fire door is prone to misuse.

vandal proof Floor Mounted 

Rugged cast aluminium housings for applications where maximum protection is needed against vandalism or accidental damage. 200N and 500N versions to suit small and large doors.


Learning the sound of your specific fire alarm rather than simply a loud noise, acoustic operated door retainers are wire free so can be easily retrofitted. Battery powered with daily timed release option.

Ancillary Products

Wireless Toilet Alarms

Designed to meet the needs of the Disability Discrimination Act in all public buildings. Installation requires two screws only in both the pull cord unit and over-door sounder/light unit.

Remote Indicators

To provide visual status of fire detectors in an alarm state. Compatible with the majority of conventional and addressable systems. Blank text versions available for security or process applications.

Auxiliary Relays

12 or 24VDC relays for switching additional field devices via two outputs. An LED provides a visual status of the relay’s operation. Supply voltage can be continued through the device.

Mains isolators

A safe and secure method of isolating the voltage supply to fire alarm system products that utilise mains voltage. Supplied in red or white complete with isolation key and a standard single gang back box.

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