Visual Alarm Devices

VADs produce a bright flash when a fire alarm is active to alert those who have difficulty hearing or are unable to hear the alarm in a loud environment.

Signal Beacons

Visual indicating devices can supplement audible sounders in a fire alarm system to give additional information that the alarm is active.


Sounders are vital to alert the building occupants in the event of a fire. Our range of Sounders have varying noise levels and tones to meet every application.

Fire Door Retainers

Door retainers enable fire doors to be held open, facilitating easy access through a building. They are automatically released during alarm conditions.

Our Partners

Cranford provides conventional and addressable audio-visual design expertise and manufacturing to fire alarm system partners across the globe. Here are some of our strategic partners.

Why Cranford?

Leading features At Low Current

We offer the widest range of sound output and tone selection in our sounders alongside voltage, visuals and environment options. Talk to us about your application.

AGile & Responsive manufacturing

We offer lead times in days or weeks, not months. We leverage being part of the FTSE 100 Halma plc group to secure supply and ensure customers can rely on Cranford.

CE, UKCA, ISO & EN54 APprovals From LPCB & VDS

Our onsite anechoic chamber and visual alarm device evaluation rig ensures the products we manufacture are of high quality and compliant with the relevant standards.

no call centre, just people

We are a small team of individuals that are available to help with your enquiry. We want to be known for best-in-industry customer experience so don’t hesitate to call.

30 Years of Innovation

Part of a FTSE 100 Group

How Can We Help You?

Over the years we have developed deep audio-visual application knowledge by being close to our partners. We want to solve real problems by innovating for the future. To do so, we want to hear from you about your application needs.