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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a wiring diagram for a Cranford product?

Wiring details are included as part of the ‘installation guide’ documentation found on our product pages. However, if you require further support for an install, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form below. 

Can Cranford sounders be installed on SAV-WIRE systems?

Yes, both the VTG Open Area Sounder and VSO Detector Base Sounder are designed for use on conventional fire alarm systems including two wire (SAV-WIRE) installs. Be aware the labelling on the terminals is for standard conventional systems and are not labelled for reverse polarity.

If a visual alarm is required, both the VXB Signal Beacons and VTB Sounder/Beacons are also suitable for SAV-WIRE systems.

What detectors fit on the VSO detector base sounder?

The VSO Detector Base Sounder and VSL Detector Base Sounder/Beacon are designed to accept a wide variety of detector bases from major manufacturers including those from Apollo and Hochiki. This is achieved by providing screw positions on a 60mm and 72mm diameter.

To mount an Apollo Series 65 detector base to a Cranford VSO sounder, use the slotted holes within the detector base to affix the detector base before wiring into the fire alarm system. 

Can the sounder function be silenced during an alarm?

Yes, our standard VTG Open Area Sounders offer a two-stage alarm feature that can be used to operate two different tones to signal ‘alarm’ and ‘evacuate’. It is possible for the second tone to be a silent tone which would allow sounders to be silenced by activating a third wire from the panel. Contact us using the form below to find out more about these variants.

For an automatic silencing alternative, our VTB Sounder/Beacons are available in a ‘interrupt’ variant that includes a 15 minute timeout feature. In this situation the alarm sound is stopped but the beacon remains flashing. This is often used for external alarms that provide the indication of the building entrance nearest to the fire panel to firefighters whilst complying with noise pollution requirements. 

Does Cranford offer 12V products for alarm systems?

Yes, our VXB Signal Beacons, VTB Sounder/Beacons and VTG Open Area Sounders are all available in 12V alternatives as special production items. Please contact us using the form below to request more detailed information. 

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