Understanding the Benefits of Visual Alarm Devices-VAD

What is a Visual Alarm Device?

A VAD or Visual alarm device is a type of emergency alert system that provides a visual cue to individuals during an emergency. They typically feature a flashing light that is designed to catch people’s attention and convey a sense of urgency. VADs are typically used in conjunction with audible alarms to provide a more comprehensive alert system.

What is a Visual Indicating Device?

A Visual indicating device (VID) is another type of emergency alert system that provides a visual cue to individuals. Unlike VADs, VIDs do not feature a flashing light. Instead, they provide a steady indicator light that is used to signal the status of a system or piece of equipment. VIDs are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to signal when a machine is in operation or in need of maintenance.

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Why should you select a VAD? 

Greater Visibility: VADs are designed with flashing lights that are specifically intended to grab people’s attention quickly and effectively, which can ultimately result in faster response times and the potential to save lives in emergency situations.

Faster Response Times: The flashing lights in VADs convey a sense of urgency that is particularly effective in emergencies, as they signal the need for quick response times and immediate action.

Universal Recognition: VADs are designed to provide a universal warning signal that is easily recognizable by everyone, regardless of their level of hearing or cognitive ability. This makes them an effective emergency alert system in a wide range of settings, including hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings.

Compliance with Building Codes and Standards: VADs have been specifically designed to meet EN54-23 standards related to emergency alert systems, which ensures regulatory compliance and helps to guarantee that the safety of individuals in emergency situations is prioritized.

Highlights To Remember

Both vads and vids are useful in emergency alert systems


layout of a building can impact effectiveness of a vad 

Focus on where those hard of hearing may be isolated

Consider the effect of FLASH COLOUR ON YOUR AUDIENCE

Talk to an expert for guidance

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